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Throughout seasons four and five , the two go back and forth with their relationship. In the season five finale The Return of the Ring , Blair chooses to be with Chuck and they make a pact to ensure they end up together. In the time jump, they have bought a townhouse in the city together and have a son, Henry Bass. Novel Series Blair and Chuck have no real relationship other than acquaintances; as Chuck is a minor character in the books. The two date in London for a year, but break up. Throughout the episode, Chuck talks openly to Nate about how he should seal the deal with Blair. It is obvious that at this point in time, neither Blair nor Chuck have any romantic feelings toward each other. At the end of the episode, the two share a comrade-like moment. They appear to be having a friendly, good time before Serena and Dan arrive. Blair vents to Chuck, who offers to help by giving her the key to his suite to finally have sex with Nate.

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Been away awhile taken care of real life. Boy, have things been busy lately with great words, reviews and pics. Have seen a couple of entertaining flicks on one of the premium movie channels up here. While I don’t think they are worthy of a full review, they are good enough to be mentioned as they both have well-done GIMPage.

The first is Five Across the Eyes, a movie shot on a low budget in Tennessee in a Blair Witch style of low light and jumbled hand-held shots.

Dan and Blair have sex for the first time, Serena gives a try at being Gossip Girl and a secret from Chuck’s near-death experience is revealed on the April 2 episode of ‘Gossip Girl.

We watched them love, hate, scheme, backstab, travel, dabble in fashion, hook up with cougars, sell each other for hotels, think they murdered someone, go by a fake identity, marry and divorce royalty… the list goes on and on. His delivery has always been so on point and perfect. Truthfully, someone just needed a damn reason for these two to finally get hitched. In a last ditch effort with the people they loved, Chuck and Blair returned to Manhattan and got married surrounded by their loved ones at an epic NYC landmark, the Bethesda Fountain.

She went from a mature lady with a cape coat and a bun to long tresses, cleavage and studded Louboutins as she raced back to her first love, Dan Humphrey, to find out the truth once and for all. Dan is Gossip Girl. The reasons are too long to list. His voiceover that revealed him as the modern male Edith Wharton was brilliant. Personally I thought it all wrapped up perfectly.

TV Review: Gossip Girl 2.9 – There Might Be Blood

Finally, Dan decides to drop his principles and write the Chuck Bass expose in order to win a place at Yale, but is it worth it? Even so, the plot was tight, though Nate a little wishy washy. His hook up with J has been a long time coming, but with her rapid exit from the loft and his even more rapid boot out the door courtesy of big brother Dan means that this romance could be left to simmer off screen a while. On a stylistic note, the fashion show itself was executed fantastically, with all the impact required to launch a budding fashion career.

Perhaps breaking all the glasses was a little much though.. Think about the episode title again.

Aug 29,  · Chuck had just gotten his heart broken when he spied Nate and Blair kissing after Cotillion, and he leaves town as the song swells. Never apologize, Gossip Girl. Xoxo.

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After all day of pretending to be the strong and tough Chuck Bass and he had pushed Blair away, he broke down and Blair was there to hold his hand, pick up the pieces and be who he needed her to be.

I try so hard to be what he wants. I guess I always knew he liked Serena but couldn’t ever bring myself to admit it. I sit down at a bench in Central Park and admire the beautiful serenity. Usually the view of the tress turning shades of red and orange would delight me, but today everything just seems gray and glumly.

It’s like I put sunglasses on, or turned off the all saturation. I see a pretty blonde girl and a boyishly cute boy with shaggy hair across the pond. They are not from St.

GOSSIP GIRL “Empire of the Son” Review

Tonight on Gossip Girl: There are returning faces, cameos, one final scheme and we will find out who Gossip Girl really is. Last week ended with a scene that was stylized to the point of ridiculous as Bart Bass Robert John Burke plummeted to his death, after his own plot to kill Chuck Ed Westwick failed. What it means of course is that the police will be looking at Chuck as prime suspect number one, especially as Chuck had rather publicly just minutes before accused Bart of trying to kill him.

Will this pair get a happy ending?

Nov 20,  · Best Answer: Its episode 7 season 1, and its called Victor Victrola, right after she had left nate and her and Chuck were in the limo.. It wasn’t episode 9 Status: Resolved.

Though I regret to admit anything at all could be wrong with this amazing show, I have noticed some less-than-desirable themes running throughout the show, but I would like to take a look at one episode in particular, Season 4 Episode 9: The Witches of Bushwick. When this episode begins, two of the main characters, Chuck and Blair, are secretly sleeping together. Blair assures Anne that she rarely associates with Chuck anymore, and that he is not part of her future.

With these pressures on them, Blair and Chuck agree not to be seen together. A little later, Chuck confides in his friend Nate, worried that he may have ruined the no feelings, no strings friends with benefits relationship between him and Blair. When she finds Chuck, he tells her he really did mean it, and they realize they are just as much in love as ever. Of course, Casey and Anne Archibald are in attendance and witness the whole spectacle.

Blair–Dan relationship

Russell so impressed by Serena’s knowledge of The Beautiful and Damned he handed her a summer job , Ivy, the whereabouts of the real Charlie and if it even matters , the fall-out from Dan’s Upper East Side-bashing book, Georgina, gone-but-angry outcast Vanessa I stand by that statement. Blair is not choosing. Blair has chosen her guy.

Serena recruits Carter into helping her blow up Chuck’s second business meeting after Chuck tells Rufus her plan not to go to Brown. Then Carter essentially tells her to buzz off — way to show some backbone, Carter — and she heads to Chez Humphrey to hide out.

Edit Blair and Dan start out as enemies in the first season. Blair tells Dan that Serena slept with Nate Archibald , then ran away and lied about it. After this, their only interactions are usually when Serena is involved. They get on slightly better terms after Dan talks to Blair after she is humiliated by her mother and Serena Bad News Blair. Edit In the second season, they still stick to interacting only when Serena is involved.

However, Dan begins to dislike Blair more when he learns she started the rumor he was sleeping with Rachel Carr in Carrnal Knowledge. When Blair is rejected from Yale due to an anonymous tip that she hazed a teacher, she blames Dan for tipping them off, but he later tells her it was Rachel The Age of Dissonance. Later, Serena brings Blair to Dan to talk her into telling Chuck Bass how she really feels about him. He convinces her to take a chance and do it, until Vanessa Abrams admits to him that Blair and Chuck recently used her as a pawn in one of their games.

Still wanting to be queen but feeling she’s losing to Georgina, she asks Dan to take her to Georgina’s rooftop party. He does, but Blair embarrasses Georgina and invites everyone to go to a bar with her. Over Blair’s games, Dan announces it was a set up to get Blair more popularity and tells everyone to stay and party with him, which they do The Freshmen. However, she has to play referee between Vanessa and Olivia Burke , after they start behaving jealously toward each other after a threesome with Dan.

Chuck Bass

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» Blair Waldorf and Jack Bass It’s a challenge being the true love of a cad like Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick), and Blair (Leighton Meester) was bound to get fed up and do something indiscreet.

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The show went on to become a massive successful franchise that kicked off an era of pearl chokers, headbands, love triangles and, of course, gossip. It was a show that changed pop culture and one repeatedly iconic aspect of the show was its music. Compiled by music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas The O. So, in honour of its anniversary, here are some the most memorable music moments from Gossip Girl xoxo.

Chuck: Open up and she’ll be forced to follow suit. Blair: And once you hook her, reel her in, gut her emotionally and throw the carcass overboard. Chuck: You really do have a gift.

In the Gossip Girl books, Chuck Bass is the annoying, pretentious, sleaze ball who is hinted to end up gay. And what rhymes with bazillionaire? Blair Waldorf will forever be my winter fashion icon and she loses her virginity to Chuck way back in Season 1. Monica Geller and Chandler Bing combine perhaps the most prominent and important aspects of my personality: And you know what? The books, not the movies! However, I was completely rooting for their romance in the books.

‘Gossip Girl’: Blair outcast, Serena blows off Brown, and Dan and Georgina hook up!

Posted on December 3, by Helper Title: Highland College Season 2 — Part 1: A New Year Celebs:

Blair was having issues with Louis (see a pattern here?) so she met up with Chuck and the couple crashed a bar mitzvah. They hook up and Blair gets pregnant- except Chuck is not the father.

So what does Chuck do to Blair that leads to the crisis? Is it true that a fling with Jenny Humphrey is involved? Jessica in Rio de Janeiro: I just heard the terrible news about Michael C. Hall’s cancer , and I’m devastated. What’s the latest news on his illness? Hall , who took home acting trophies at both the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards over the past couple of weeks, says of his current condition, “I’ve been feeling very well, and because I made this announcement because these public appearances were on the horizon, I have actually been surprised—I have had a lot of people reach out to me that I wouldn’t have heard from otherwise.

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Chuck and Blair Kiss Scene in 2×19

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