7 Best Medium Tanks in World of Tanks

7 Best Medium Tanks in World of Tanks

Friday, May 24, World of Tanks cheat: Every cheat is an inbalance in the game. Every inbalance can be exploited. The exploit is the ultimate proof, everything else can be disproved. I can write essays about a hidden door in the wall, I can use lot of evidence, I can be as careful as I am and I can still be wrong. There is one unquestionable way to prove the existence of the door: I did walk trough the back-door built into World of Tanks and after reading this, you can too. People who abandon the game over being cheated can be replaced by new victims. But those who walk the back door cannot be ignored as they ruin the game for others. What does the cheat want?

for “pro gamers” ,and WOT players.

Dec 14, 4 This is a long review, but I’ve played the game for so long and I’m honest enough about the entire thing to give a useful opinion without being a fanboy or bashing the game completely, so please keep this in mind as you read. This game is a very mixed bag. First off, the core gameplay can be entertaining if you’re willing to learn how it works and operate within those boundaries. This is a long review, but I’ve played the game for so long and I’m honest enough about the entire thing to give a useful opinion without being a fanboy or bashing the game completely, so please keep this in mind as you read.

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Barring last-minute setbacks and disasters, version 1. Remember to leave a can of Red Bull on the mantelpiece for Plunky Claus and to update your drivers. They will relaunch with version 1. Hiccups and hurdles may present themselves. But perhaps Plunky Claus considers not updating your drivers to be bad behaviour and will leave an M in your airdrop.

Plunkbat, to refresh your memory, is a competitive multiplayer shooter which drops players solo, in duos, or in squads of up to four over an 8x8km map to wander and drive around settlements and houses looking for weapons, items, and upgrades to murder each other to bits. The only persistent unlocks are clothes, with everything else found and lost each round. Playing well and improving feels great, and despite being a serious-looking murdergame it does encourage ludicrous antics and situations.

And everyone is playing it. But god, its fashion sense is awful. The devs have also broadly polished the game and made it run way faster than in those dreadful early days. No huge surprises are expected for v1. One thing that we do know will come later is an option to pick which map and weather variant you want to play on.

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Cause seems like cs go analysts agree with me, and i’m not making groundless statements like you. So who was wrong? If Allu didn’t make top 20, I would admit that “okay, Allu wasn’t good enough”. You’re making excuses now hahahahaha. Now that he made 19, you’re like “oh hltv is just a fanbase they don’t know anything” LOL So I made my argument.

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Dont do ranked if you cant do all positions u fkn wot m8: For the record, if you feed and lose us the game, you’ll suffger the mistake you made by not helping out. Think about that one T1B3S: Run exhaust, please fletcho. He’s getting reported after the game anyway. This is one I don’t want slipping through. This is a follow up to my previous posts: Bronze 2 getting in with ‘s average.

Best moba, worse matchmaking.

World of Tanks 1. Wargaming also announced the World of Tanks enCore , where players are able to download a demo and test their system. Soviet Tech Tree Revision Update 9.

Best moba, worse matchmaking. Realbigdeal Member Uncommon Posts: 1, I am glad they got rid of the stupid item system, which was created in war craft 3 because it was the only way to add flavor to a old game lol, but to actually code your own game in coping that is ass nice, and stupid. compared to something like WoT, WoWS or MWO.

Ghalion Ghalion 6 years ago 1 K, I for one, am one of the FEW people that has no problems with the fact that the matchmaking system stuffs in tanks from multiple tiers in one game. I mean how boring would it be that you’ve finally upgraded to a newer, better tank, only to have everyone else get a tier upgrade too, effectively making your upgrade little more than a skin change Unfortunately, despite the wide selection of tiers in each game.

For example, when I was on my tier 2. When I got my tier 3. I was expecting about half my games to be in that tier 2 and 3 bracket.. Ok well, when I get a tier 4, I’ll stay in the tier 3 to 5 bracket, and it wont be so bad.. And again, and again Ok sometimes they only go up to tier 8 or tier So yeah, does the game hate me? How do those tier 4 and 5 people I play against on my tier 3s get to join that bracket?

Why can’t I do those games?

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Page 5 We’re ready to give hate a chance. After searching the darkest depths of gaming, we now have the 50 worst games of all time in one place! We aren’t just picking disappointing games or boring titles. These are broken messes, games without value.

How to Get Better Matchmaking In Wot. BananaMyth.. Reply on October 24, Sooo true, after you play if for a while it does get really repetitive, its not p2w tho wich is nice.

Like many other failed game modes, over powered tanks, and worthless maps, Grand Battles will go right down the toilet with the rest of them. Stay tuned at the end for a list of failed game modes If I would have known about this site sooner, you would have seen me on here bitching about Ranked Battles. This means that players will have to spin the RNG to get the battle mode.

Thank god you can turn this game mode off, and I suspect many will. Oh and yes, Grand Battles is for tier 10 only. How fucking crass is that, to suggest its player base spend money on this new game mode that will more than likely be unplayable. Then there is the map and yes only one map. Its to freaking big. We already know there will be frame rate problems, but there are many others. This map is a snipers heaven. Remember Swamp map and how advancing the 1 -2 line was a nightmare?

Last thing, although I could continue to point out many other flaws, and there are many others, who the fuck asked for 60 players in a random battle.


The Worcester I went to was decidedly single-sex; and despite being funded by the local councils with help from the Royal National Institute of Blind People, its ethos was more like a public school than anything else. We slept in mass dormitories at my first school, one of them held 29 beds. Today, pupils live in group houses, with a room of their own or, at most, sharing with one other pupil.

They learn to cook, keep house, take care of their clothes.

Sight Crosshair. World of Tanks – Free Online Game.

I wrote that I have the hunch of World of Tanks being a rigged game, where via matchmaking, tinkering with penetration and probably hit chances and damage numbers the developers guarantee that everyone remains close to the average in terms of kills and wins, so no one quits either because of “too easy”, nor “im pwned by nolifers lol”.

The title is misleading because I still don’t and can’t have a real proof. What I have is something that very much correlate to my theory and has one alternative explanation only: My girlfriend and me started new accounts. The idea is that the Marder II has mm penetration, therefore it can penetrate everything it can face if the match is unrigged and even if its penetration is halved, still can penetrate everything but T5 heavy front armor. Its gun dispersion is small and and the minimum shell damage is OK too.

So the Marder II can ignore rigging and has the results that an unrigged match would provide. What results am I talking about? Yes, top 5 reached with a tank that can’t be stealth-nerfed. And the matches were weird too. They mostly started by tanks on our side dead in 3 minutes. They had no chance against the enemy average players due to decreased penetration, hit and damage. Then the enemy started to die, since the remaining of our team besides AFK-ers, bots and leeches hiding in the corner were also good players who were placed to the team for a loss.

World of Tanks, Thread VIII: There Is No God But RNGesus

Goes insanely fast in a straight line due to unbelievable acceleration power, but it has trouble turning. It’s basically a weird moving polyhedron, so it can bounce a lot of machine gun fire and the odd cannon shot, but it isn’t as bouncy as the T Do not reward Wargaming for that kind of behavior.

Oct 25,  · The only exception for this is light tanks: their matchmaking sucks because they are considered scouts: they’ll be thrown into high tier to be sacrificed .

How Wargaming Sabotages Competition War Thunder Posted on by Silentstalker Hello everyone, more and more dirty laundry comes out on Wargaming lately and the more I learn, the more I feel disgusted and disappointed, even by Minsk. It all started with the former Russian community manager Dietolog specifically for World of Warplanes , who blew the case wide open on his blog. Dietolog is no longer an employee of Wargaming and seeing some events concerning War Thunder lately, he decided to come forward and talk.

It could also be his thirst of vengeance against Wargaming, who knows? Let me get back a bit. Remember when the conditions for being a community manager were leaked? The basic udea is that Wargaming-paid hate trolls were supposed to systematically attack Gaijin sites, forums, social network pages and fan pages and spread anti-War Thunder propaganda. Dietolog states that he did not participate in the subversive operation and only a month later, he left or was fired.

The entire campaign represents a reaction of Wargaming to the total failure of World of Warplanes and an attempt to damage the competition by other means than by creating a quality game. Anyway, back to the campaign. Oh, one last thing, before we start. I reached out to several Wargaming ex-employees and employees.

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Because of my camo netting I wasn’t showing up on their radars. And this is what pissed me off, a Russian KV tank rolled up the hill and behind me, I knew I wasn’t visible to it so I waited until he went past and I cam out and started firing into his rear, every shot deflecting, he turned his turret round to look at me, but then turned it back and went to the crest of the hill and starting shooting at my team mates.

I sat there at point blank range and blasted 20 shells into his real armour while he totally ignored me until an enemy SPG took me out in a single hit from the other side of the map. I suppose that’s all you can do until I can afford to be in an imba tank myself or they fix their game.

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For those unaware, it helps bad players win and forces long losing streaks on good players. The point of this is to either encourage or frustrate you to spend as much money as possible. It’s a con game. It is true that really excellent players can beat the system. But as long as the system manipulates outcomes, it’s not a skill game it’s a shell game.

Additionally, it takes hundreds of hours to unlock top tanks, and WarGaming has a demonstrated track record of nerfing or completely eliminating tanks after a player has spent countless hours getting them. This is a blatant show of contempt and disrespect for their customers, not unlike the contempt casinos have for gamblers, and whores have for tricks.

I love the game. I have hundreds of hours invested in playing, and have made good friends in my clan. I have no intent on stopping playing. But I refuse to spend another penny on what is essentially a con game. I would encourage others to do the same.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds v1.0 launching overnight

We are releasing v0. Below are the full patch notes with our latest updates. Players can find it in the settings.

Nov 18,  · 🚩 Play World of Warships: 🚩 Play World of Tanks: 🚩 Play Total War Arena: World of Warships / World of Tanks / War Thunder / World of Warplanes 🎥.

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Klartext! World of Tanks Matchmaking 9.19 und Ranked Battles [ German – Deutsch ]

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